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ImPower for Individuals, Couples and Families

ImPower are Financial Wellbeing Specialists.


We are qualified, experienced, and completely independent - no affiliations to any products or product providers.

Just advice tailored to you, and interests that align with yours. 

Independent, unbiased,

no products.

Simple as that.


Jessica Jamieson



Tony Walker


What can we do for you?


Not sure what to do; and sometimes you "don't know what you don't know"


Seeking confirmation that what you have done is appropriate


Seeking confirmation that what you are about to do is ok


The feeling of security which comes from knowing you're on the right track.


Not having the confidence to approach institutions to address problems; needing a plan of attack; knowing what information to provide and what to ask.


When partners can't talk about money, a third party can help get a meaningful discussion going.


"Tony Walker has been our financial advisor for approximately thirty years, including five years with his current organization Impower.


Taking a conservative, long-term stance, Tony and Impower have guided us to a very strong position in terms of our funds for retirement. Along the way Tony has  recommended suitable vehicles for investment and has assisted us with good advice on many issues, both financial and non-financial.


He always starts by asking the question , “What is important to you?”, ensures that we think the question through, listens carefully to our answers and makes them the starting point for his advice. He has always helped us to feel that although our own financial expertise is limited, our financial affairs are in good hands and secure.


In 2016 Tony Walker founded ImPower, and embedded his philosophy in the company’s approach.  Because of this philosophy and Impower’s experience and expertise in personal finances, we recommend it as an excellent source of financial guidance."

K & N 

"I had an excellent experience working with Jessica and Impower.  I was nervous to seek financial advice because I know most of the industry uses a commission system, and as a former lawyer I am wary of conflicts of interest. 


I was so pleased to find Impower, who are totally independent and advise without any such conflicts (and more than that, hold wellbeing and humanity to be fundamental factors in their advice). 


Jessica was wonderful to work with; she took real care to set up the relationship well and make sure we were on the same page and that she fully understood my perspective and circumstances. 


The time spent, detail of advice, and reasons for the advice given all surpassed my expectations.  This is a high quality service that certainly offers value for money, and I applaud Jessica and Tony for leading a practice that champions independence and wellbeing as core principles."



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