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ImPower was founded in March 2016 by Tony Walker. Tony had a desire to work with clients

who appreciated independent, unbiased financial advice.

In June 2020, Jessica Jamieson joined ImPower. Jessica was keen to adopt the ImPower

philosophy and her skills and experience provide a significant boost to ImPower’s resources.

ImPower charges the client a fee for the time spent working for the client. This means that

we must put the client’s best interests first. In this respect, we are very different from many

other financial advisers. We do not receive any remuneration from any financial product or

service providers.

We are truly independent, and give clients unbiased, personalised financial advice that takes

into account what’s important to them, their needs and their goals and objectives. Our aim

is to empower our clients to achieve financial success.


Business information

ImPower is a limited liability company which can be found on the Companies Office register

with a NZBN of 9429042191353.

ImPower is registered on the Financial Service Providers Register with the FSP number


ImPower can be contacted via the ImPower website,

ImPower directors and financial wellbeing specialists, Tony Walker and Jessica Jamieson, can

be contacted via the website or via the details provided on page 3 or under their personal


Licence information (licences status and conditions)

ImPower holds a Financial Advice Provider licence. This licence is subject to the

standard conditions as laid down by the Financial Markets Authority and as prescribed in the

Financial Markets Conduct Act.


Nature and scope of financial advice service

ImPower provides fee only financial wellbeing advice. The three principles which underpin

this advice are:

• Independent

• Unbiased

• No products or affiliations

ImPower is able to provide advice on a wide range of personal financial topics. Further,

ImPower works closely with other financial advice professionals who can contribute their

specialist input if required.

Fees, expenses or other amounts payable

ImPower only receives remuneration from the invoices we send to clients once a specified

engagement has been completed.

ImPower receives no remuneration from financial institutions or other financial advisers.

A schedule of ImPower fees is provided below.

Conflicts of interest and commissions and other incentives

ImPower is unaware of any conflicts of interest which exist in its business. Our complete

focus is on providing the best outcome for the client.

Complaints process and Disputes Resolution Process

ImPower has an internal complaints process which is detailed in our Complaints Policy.

Essentially, anyone who has a complaint should contact ImPower directly. The complaint will

be logged and dealt with promptly.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve the complaint satisfactorily, we have a

Dispute Resolutions Service (DRS) which is available to clients if “deadlock” is reached.

ImPower is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) - A Financial Ombudsman Service. You may refer your complaint to FSCL as our independent external ombudsman and dispute resolution service that has been approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008. FSCL’s service is free of charge to you. FSCL can be found at

Duties information

ImPower and its advisers are bound by the duties set down in the FMC Act. In summary

these are:

i. To meet the standards of competence, knowledge and skill set out in the Code of


ii. To give priority to the client’s interests

iii. To exercise care, diligence and skill

iv. To meet the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set out in the

code of conduct.

Key personnel

Jessica Jamieson, director, Financial Wellbeing Specialist

Phone: 027-528-0583 Email:

Tony Walker, director, Financial Wellbeing Specialist

Phone: 021-656-223 Email:

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