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In 2016, ImPower was established to create a financial advisory business that focused on the belief that every New Zealander should be empowered when it comes to their financial situation. We felt so strongly about it that it inspired our ‘ImPower’ name.

We took this as an opportunity to rethink our approach to financial advice and the way advisers traditionally get paid for what they do. To us, it came down to the concepts of true independence and a complete lack of bias. In order to achieve this, we had to avoid all conflicts of interest. We felt the only way to achieve this was to remove any specific product advice from our process and receive nothing other than the fees paid directly to us by our clients. We wanted our stance to highlight the value of receiving good advice as well as always putting our client’s best interest front and centre.

Next came our emphasis on financial wellbeing – because all of us function better when we are well. Financial wellbeing is one of the key building blocks of a happy and fulfilling life so is where we can make a major and positive impact. This is also where we have set ourselves apart by moving away from a financial adviser ‘title’ to one that focuses on what we’re all about – financial wellbeing.

There aren’t many like us and we feel very privileged when clients value our proposition and decide to engage with us. We believe that there is huge opportunity not only for clients to utilise our services, but also for employers who believe that financial wellbeing is part of their duty of care to their employees.

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in the area of financial wellbeing. But we must never lose sight of our fundamental principles.

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